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    We get it—teenagers want to grow up, but don’t necessarily want to be grown ups. Going to the pediatric dentist can feel childish (no teen wants that), but the general dentist can be boring! After hearing that dilemma over and over, we decided that teenagers need their own space…with just the right amount of fun and “cool.”



    Teens have a unique set of concerns that need to be considered and addressed:


    Oral hygiene—different from your little ones, these bigger ones brush their own teeth, make their own food choices, etc. And event their perfectly brushed mouths can potentially turn into a bacteria breeding zone.


    Puberty—mouths change as their bodies do. We need to adapt dental care to adjust to this changing environment. Keeping things balanced in their mouth can be assisted through the use of different pastes, rinses, and probiotics.


    Motivation–remember when our kids listened to us and believed us when we said something was important? Since you are likely not living in that fairy tale with your teenagers, we need to help them understand the importance of taking care of their teeth by keeping it interesting, fun, and cool.