Best Time to Call: MorningEvening

    No one is born with a fear of the dentist

    We frequently hear comments like, “my child was so excited to come today!” and “we can’t wait to come back!”  Believe it or not, they are, in fact, talking about a visit to the dentist. We believe that a child’s first and each subsequent visit to the dentist should be enjoyable and positive.  Our hope is that you feel at ease from the moment you enter our office and we make every effort to ensure that continues throughout your visit.


    We recognize that the more prepared you feel for the visit, the better the experience will be.  Please feel free to browse our website, familiarize yourself with our office and staff, read from the resources we have provided and call us with any questions you have before your visit. Also, we ask that you help us make the experience a great one for your kiddo– we welcome any insights or suggestions you have for us as you go through the process.  Every child is different and you know your child best; thus, we need your partnership to do our best work.